You become the solution when
you partner with Pineapple.

Based on decades of payments and technology experience,
our playbook can secure your future in the industry’s hall of fame.

Agent Program

No matter if you are just starting your career as a sales agent or you have years of experience, we welcome you to join our team of passionate payments and technology professionals who are solely focused on providing the best tools and service for their merchants. Whether it be on a referral agent basis or as an indirect sales representative, you will have full access to Pineapple University and the incredible sales tool kit that comes along with it. We know that we only achieve success if our merchants do so first, which is why we put such an emphasis on training and understand the sales process all the way from the first interaction with a potential merchant to years beyond.

Key Agent Program Benefits

  • Access to a first-rate sales training program in Pineapple University
  • A suite of customized tools to facilitate the sales process
  • Opportunity to work with the most innovative payments technology available
  • 24/7 support from our partner success team to guide you along the way

ISO Program

Our team has made a career out of building payments companies through strategic partnerships and portfolio acquisitions. That experience allows us to evaluate sales teams and payment processing portfolios in ways that nobody else can to find exactly where the juice is to create long term financial success for merchants, agents, and ISOs alike. We love having conversations with sales organizations that are innovating on the sales process or have unique technology that can ultimately drive value all the way back to the merchant. Our management team is well-rounded to serve as your lighthouse in the payments world to guide you through everything from pricing negotiations to large scale merchant sales opportunities.

Key ISO Program Benefits

  • Compelling upfront and long term financial incentives
  • Innovative sales tools to increase efficiency and scalability
  • Expansive network both inside and outside of the payments industry
  • Access to our entire team for marketing, sales, and technology support