There’s plenty of room

for you in our family.

Pineapple Payments welcomes you to a true concierge style Merchant & ISV Program with more benefits than you can dream.

A Partnership With Perks

As a Pineapple Payments Partner, you can enjoy some of the industry’s sweetest perks. By allowing us to proudly serve you and your customers with streamlined services you’ll also share a slice of savings with us.

Let’s create a long lasting relationship that takes us both to the next level!

IT Concierge

You will have unprecedented access to a responsive team of payments and information technology experts that have devoted their careers to helping businesses realize their dreams. Whether it be as simple as a bank account change or as complex as a custom architected payments technology strategy, we’re here for you.

Revenue Sharing

Our revenue share program for businesses and our donate back program for non-profits are revolutionary. We have compelling opportunities for merchants of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of growth right along side us, especially when it comes to integrated software partners, franchisors, and agency driven non-profits.

Referral Program

Our referral program allows anyone and everyone to grow their own pineapple farm. We offer direct incentives for referral partners that increases exponentially for every new client brought to the table. Our commitment to the non-profit community shines through most here, as we also offer the option for referral partners to donate back to one of our 501c3 partner organizations.


If you couldn’t tell already, we don’t treat payment processing as the commodity that most others do. However, we do believe rewarding our clients for their excellence in commerce and their dedication to fruitful, win-win relationships. That’s why we have launched an exclusive rewards program for all Pineapple Payments clients to remind them just how important they are to us.

Merchant Program

From your very first experience with our talented Pineapple team, you will feel right at home. That’s because we talk about your business first and ours second, for we know that understanding your goals and long-term vision are the only way to begin down the pathway to success. Whether it be the value you find in our technology, the cost savings we find in your processing, or both, our go-forward strategy will be customized for you, flexible for the long-haul, and secure every step of the way. It’s really in our approach that we are able to cement true partnerships that allow our merchants to reap the benefits for years to come.

Key Merchant Services Benefits

  • In-depth processing statement analysis to find the juice
  • Customized payments technology strategy to plan for the future
  • Simple pricing and seamless implementation to hit the ground running
  • On-demand IT Concierge to keep your business on target 24/7

ISV Program

Whether you are an integrated software company, a bank, or a non-profit agency, we have can drive value equally to both your organization and your loyal customers. Our management team’s experience operating both payments and software companies brings the right combination to the table for creating compelling partnerships with any organization. Our success is your success, which is why we always start by creating a shared vision for our relationship that will inevitably lead to satisfied customers and unmatched financial success. Our robust and secure gateway API combined with the intelligent consultancy from our IT Concierge truly makes integrated technology partnerships our sweet spot.

Key ISV Benefits

  • Revolutionary technology to power payments for any platform or business
  • Up front incentives to cover implementation costs and bolster program rollout
  • Ongoing revenue sharing with tiered increases based on performance
  • Further milestone payments based on mutually agreeable conversion targets